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  • Robbie is a BRILLIANT instructor, with his help I passed first time. Right from the start Robbie's lessons are well structured, detailed and easy to learn which gave me a great amount of confidence and a sense of achievement. He is very good at breaking down where you went wrong in a situation and telling you how you can improve it for the next time. He also taught me how safety is one of the most important things to remember and how to drive in a way that is respectful to others.

    Jamie M, Headley

  • I'd really like to thank Robbie wholeheartedly for his excellent tuition. I was recommended him by a friend at school and I have to say I am very grateful for it - learning with Robbie was a pleasure not a chore, and I recently passed my test first time after only 6 lessons, testament indeed to the skill and patience with which Robbie went about taking me from an arrogant teenager who thought he owned the road, to a considerate and conscientious driver. Many thanks to Robbie, and I highly recommend him.

    Leo, Hampstead Norreys

  • Robbie is an excellent driving instructor, and has a unique style of teaching which makes it a lot easier to understand some of the tricky aspects of driving, he explains anything you don't understand, leaving you feeling safe and comfortable when taking your lessons, pass with Robbie! Thankyou:)

    Louis, Ashford Hill

  • Robbie was a fantastic instructor. Every lesson I felt as though I had achieved something and no time was wasted. He creates a comfortable consistent driving experience, and will answer any query you may have. I passed 1st time and it was no doubt down to Robbie's teaching techniques. Thank you very much

    Josh, Newbury

  • Robbie is an excellent driving instuctor; he was always patient, explained instuctions very well and made lessons very enjoyable. Robbie was the fourth instructor I have taken lessons with, his approach and understanding gave me the confidence to overcome my fears from failing previous tests. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you very much Robbie.

    Deana, Bishops Green

  • Robbie is a great, laid back instructor. He always made me feel comfortable and made sure that i understood everything that he explained to me. He's always happy and on time and never lets you down! Thanks for everything Robbie :)

    Jade, Thatcham

  • Robbie was an absolutely fantastic instructor, 100% reliable and NEVER late. He taught in a fun and enjoyable manner ensuring I always understood. I would recommend Robbie to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thank you so much!

    Louise, Newbury

  • Robbie Hicks holds the right balance between fun, safety and effective learning. With him safety is absolute - no compromise while being really calm. The moment you're in the driver's seat, you're in control. He allows you to think and deal with situations unless otherwise intervention is necessary. I was given structured lessons that enabled me gain confidence on the road and to overcome my weaknesses. Complexities were broken down into manageable chunks and explained in a way I would understand. Rob's instruction is not solely aimed at passing the test. Being a safe driver is the first priority. He has taught me to drive responsibly not only for myself /other road users but also for the environment. Im eternally grateful for the invaluable learning experience.

    Jo, Newbury

  • Robbie is an excellent and very patient driving instructer. I was very nervous when I first started driving but Robbie always made me feel comfortable amd at ease. Robbie worked extrememly hard and thanks him I passed first time!! I will definately recommend him to anyone. Thanks very much robbie!!

    Jess, Bishops Green

  • I passed sucessfully first time with Robbie. He is a fantastic patient teacher and gets the job done. Thanks Robbie!!!

    Lucy W., Thatcham

  • One of my friends at work recommended Robbie for driving and he was so very right in doing so! Robbie is not only a brilliant instructor but also very punctual and professional. Driving lessons are extremely expensive if you do not have an instructor that is committed to helping you pass your test and Robbie exactly shares this view. He has very practical approach when it comes to training and though making sure that all technicalities have been adhered to, he adapts the training pattern to suit the individual behind the wheel. This is the huge advantage as it makes you feel comfortable from word go and you never think that you are being hurried. At the same time, Robbie is very particular and never misses a smallest point in your driving, making sure that you do everything right every time. Robbie, you have not only helped me pass my test.. you have given a whole new perspective to my driving. You are a Star!!

    Amey, Staines

  • Robbie is a very good driving instructor. He was very patient, put me at ease, explained everything very well and made my lessons very enjoyable. Thanks to Robbie I passed my test first time. I will certainly recommend Robbie to my friends.

    Charlotte, Newbury

  • Robbie was the third instructor I had learnt with. I have to say his methods of instruction, explanation and encouragement far excel the other instructors I had driven with, giving me the confidence to overcome the nerves from failing the test previously, and enabling me to pass first time under Robbie's instruction.

    Kirsty W., Newbury

  • Learning in a very supportive environment, I got the essential skills to become almost a perfect driver, and the amazing thing..... I passed my test at the first attempt yippie! I will definitely recommend Robbie to my friends.

    Fola, Newbury

  • Robbie is a fantastic instructor. He will instantly make you feel comfortable when you start your lessons and will progress through the different stages of learning to drive at a steady, relaxed pace. You will find it easy to concentrate when driving with Robbie as he makes everything easy to understand and explains all the procedures in black and white. Thanks for all your help in getting me my licence.

    Tom, Thatcham

  • Robbie is not only a brilliant instructor but also very helpful who went out of his way to arrange lessons for me on a short notice. I can completely attribute my passing to Robbie without whom I don't think I would have the confidence to pass. He was my second instructor due to me changing cities from London to Newbury and I can say that he has been much better in almost all aspects - from explaining it cleary and calmly to making it easier to understand and remember things. If you are with Robbie - you just cannot go wrong.

    Suraj, Newbury

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